How to assemble an IKEA chair (How to assemble Adde) – Idiot-proof instructions

SIDE NOTE: I kept on saying “Instruction guide” in this video, but I only meant “ Instruction” or “Guide”. I couldn’t be bothered to edit it out. Haha!
Okay, this is not a beauty video, obviously. This video is specially dedicated to my friends and family in the Philippines who are over the moon about the news that IKEA will be opening a store in the Philippines – finally!

I really love going to IKEA stores. Sometimes, we go there to eat and not even to shop. However, whenever we go there to shop, we always get to bring home some amazing furniture and other house blings. I love the fact that we never needed to hire anybody nor to pay extra for furniture to be assembled for us. Every piece of chair, table, and wardrobe among many others come with a small instruction booklet that is idiot-proof, hence, even I can assemble it myself. YAAAS!

Hope you enjoy watching this video! I enjoyed filming it and had to speed it up a lot because, I took too long just to put the chair together. Not IKEA’s fault though. Haha!

Love you, guys!

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. With my talent in assembling things, I will be the last on IKEA’s list of people to ask to assemble their furniture on-cam!

Camera: Sony Alpha SLT-A33
Lighting: continuous lighting
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